I believe in the future of agriculture.

Some of you may recognize that as the opening line of the FFA Creed. Back when Al first learned it, the creed started off a little differently.

I believe in the future of farming.

Personally Invested in Agriculture

Al Skalicky is a husband first, but a farmer second. He grew up on a small dairy farm owned by his parents where he learned the value of a hard day’s labor. He turned that love into a career teaching Agriculture at Bolivar High School.

When Al says, “I understand the problems farmers face today,” it’s because he has lived those very same problems. Working with his own herd has brought tough days in the freezing cold, cows lost due to calving issues, and days that don’t end until the sun goes down. He’s had to deal with surprise vet bills, broken fences, escaped cows, and equipment that failed unexpectedly.

So that’s why we need people like Al in office. Al will be one of the truest friends farmers could have in the state legislature. Agriculture is Missouri’s number one industry, and he will do everything he can to make it easier, safer, and more lucrative to farm in the state.

Farmers need to farm. It’s as simple as that.