Agriculture Economy

Missouri’s Economy is driven by Agriculture

The economy in Missouri is driven by agriculture. All together in 2016, agriculture accounted for nearly $90 billion.  To put that in perspective, Missouri’s gross domestic product for 2015 was $261.5 billion.

I know what it means to be a farmer in Missouri. It’s tough, hard, and one of the most rewarding experiences in life. I’ve spent my life sharing my love of farming and agriculture with new generations, and I want to continue protecting, nurturing, and growing Missouri agriculture for future generations.

Farmers need to Farm

“Farmers need to farm” is a simple statement. Increased regulations, loss of farm land, and small farms going under make it difficult. In 2014, beef alone was an industry worth $2 billion, and employed over 39,000 people. I want to help nurture and grow those opportunities for more people in our state.

Below you will find some resources that detail the impact of Missouri Agriculture on each of the counties in the 28th Senatorial District – this is why I’m running for State Senate.

I’m asking for your vote on August 8th so I can continue my life’s work of protecting and growing Missouri Agriculture.

Agriculture Impact