Seniors Under Attack

MoRX helps Seniors

Missouri RX was a program put into place back in 2006 to help cover the costs of medications for seniors. This helps keep them from having to make the choice between life-saving medications, electricity, food, clean running water, or transportation. As a state, we cannot allow this to continue.

Tough Choices

Eric Greitens was right when he said Missouri had some tough choices to make when it comes to our budget. Budgets are moral documents: Spending is prioritized based on the values of those who make them. Knocking 63,000 seniors off of Mo RX (with only 2 weeks notice) is a huge indicator of what the governor values.

Tough choices are a big part of fixing what’s wrong with Missouri. We need to focus on job growth, improving infrastructure, and improving health care. There’s a lot of work to do there. The easy answer, and the path the Governor has taken, is to cut services to those least able to defend themselves.

That’s wrong for Missouri. We’re the “Show Me” state. Not the “Hide from tough problems” state.

The Letter

In mid-June, 63,000 people in Missouri received a letter in the mail. It says that on July 1st, their prescription drug coverage was going to end. As you can see, it tries to push the blame off of Governor Greitens and on to a law passed in 2014. Unlike past Governors, Greitens chose not to try and change this sunset provision and instead allowed it to lapse, creating the situation that we see today.

Seniors kicked off MO RX

As your senator, I will fight to protect access to quality, affordable medication without having to make impossible choices between food, clothing, and healthcare. People deserve to live with compassion, dignity, and respect from their leaders. Nobody should have to live in fear that at any given time their government will present them with impossible choices.

I call on Eric Greitens to fix this, now. It’s too important to wait for the September Session.