Missouri State Teachers Association Endorsement

MSTA Endorsed Al Skalicky

I am proud to announce that the Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) has endorsed me in my race for State Senate. The MSTA Legislative Impact Committee found that I was “a pro-education candidate that voters can enthusiastically support!”

Largest Education Association

The MSTA is the largest education association in the state of Missouri. In 1856 they started with just 110 members from 22 schools. They have now grown to over 47,000 members. The Legislative Impact Committee has 10 board members, and their primary focus for

MSTA Endorsed Al SKalicky

In the past, we have focused primarily on passing important ballot issues and retiring campaign debts. Today, our activities begin much earlier in the political process — by supporting the campaigns of candidates who will be our champions on key education issues in the future.

~MSTA Legislative Impact Committee

My support for students, teachers, and staff will never waver. I will always work and fight for our schools. I am humbled and honored to have the support of the MSTA.

Support Public Education

You can help support students and public education by voting for me in the August 8th Special Election. Our state has a chance, right now, to determine our future. We represent a specific choice: A choice to protect and develop our public education system. We refuse to give up on public education, and hope that you stand with us.