Farming is Important to Missouri

An $88.4 Billion Industry

Missouri agriculture is important, not only to our state, but to the country. Farming produces $88.4 billion, which is 29% of Missouri’s $300 billion GDP.

How does Missouri do it?

From 2015 to 2016:

  • beef cattle inventory increased by 150,000
  • meat/milk goats inventory increased by 3,700
  • sheep inventory increased by 2,000
  • hog inventory increased by 50,000
  • soybean sales grew by $947 million
  • corn(grain) sales rose by $297 million
  • cotton sales grew by $41.9 million
  • rice sales increased by $9 million

All of this is thanks to the hard work of Missouri farmers.

Agriculture Education

We’ve seen the popularity of agriculture education grow over the past few years as well. Between 2012 and 2016 we saw an increase in Agriculture education across High School, College, and Adult training of 7,031. We had a total of 42,454 people involved in Ag education in 2016. That covers 10% of students.

The Future of Farming

We need to focus on making it easier, and more lucrative for farmers to sell what they grow. This comes in the form of easing economic burdens and making it easier for them to take their product to market. There are 114 counties in Missouri, but only 256 farmers markets.

If getting the product to market is difficult, it won’t be profitable. By focusing on innovative solutions when it comes to getting products to market, we can ease this burden.  Missouri farming is dependent on local, national, and global markets. Government should make that easier, not harder.

Farming is hard work – reaping the benefits of that hard work shouldn’t be.