Missouri Flooding

Stay Safe

Due to massive flooding in Missouri, FEMA has given a few safety tips that we feel should be passed along:

  • If you need information about shelters, disasters, or need a referral, dial 211. The 211 service is available throughout Missouri.
  • Businesses and individuals should report any storm-related damage to their local emergency management officials.
  • Any local official should be able to connect you with any services being provided by state departments and non-governmental organizations who are assisting with any unmet needs.
  • Contact insurance companies immediately with any storm-related damage.
  • http://www.ready.gov/floods – this is a link to FEMA-recommended steps that should be taken immediately after a flood.
  • Flood Resources: http://extension.missouri.edu/main/DisplayCategory.aspx?C=259
  • If your home is flooded: http://extension.missouri.edu/p/MP904

Be Smart

Be aware that flash flooding can happen within minutes and with very little, or no, warning. If it’s possible that a flash flood could occur, move to higher ground immediately. Remember: Do not drive through flood water.

Downed power lines are especially dangerous during wet weather. Avoid them at all costs, and do not, under any circumstance, touch a downed power line.

It is important to be prepared. You should have emergency supplies on hand for situations like the one we are in. Please refer to ready.gov for guidance on building your own emergency kit.

Your family needs a plan – ready.gov also helps you prepare for emergencies by helping you develop a plan your family can use.