St. Clair County

Tuesday Night

We spent the evening with friends in St. Clair County. As great as it was to see familiar faces, it was refreshing to see new faces in the crowd.

One lady who was in attendance told me, “I’m here because I’m a concerned citizen.” Well, that’s why I was there, too. I am running this campaign because I’m concerned with the attacks on our public education system. I’m concerned with the direction our state is taking employment.

I’m running because it’s time that concerned citizens stand up and work hard for what we believe in.

In visiting with the people across our district, there have been two common themes: Excitement, and concern. Concern about where we’re headed as a district, as a state, and as a country. It’s important to keep voicing those concerns, and remain engaged in the process – keep that excitement high! Be ready, and prepared, to engage in meaningful and well thought out discussion with others; not just those who think the way you do.

I look forward to meeting, and getting to know my neighbors here in the 28th district.

We’re just getting started!